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Labeling - Automated Crossweb Film, Box, In Line Top & Bottom Package Labeling Machines

Crossweb Film, Package, Box, and Weigh Price Labeling Solutions

UltraSource is a leader in package labeling solutions with a broad range of clients in the food, medical and other industries using our Matrix and Posi labeling equipment.  Our portfolio includes accurate, high-speed portable and stationary crossweb labeling machines that come in a variety of configurations to meet your needs and are designed for easy hygienic maintenance.  Contact one of our labeling specialists today at 800-777-5624 for more information on a labeler that might help increase your productivity while reducing your costs.

Package Labelers

UltraSource offers reliable and efficient top and bottom package labeling systems. We will work with you on identifying the package labeling system that best works with your products whether they are meat, poultry, medical or other non-food items. Speak to one of our labeling experts today about our package labelers that have been incorporated into thousands of machines from numerous manufacturers throughout the world.  We design, program and manufacturer UltraSource labelers at our Kansas City headquarters to ensure you get the best labeling machines available and readily available service and parts.

Crossweb Film Labelers

UltraSource manufacturers the best crossweb labelers on the market as demonstrated by the extensive use of our labelers on packaging machines throughout the food, medical and other non-food industries. UltraSource film labelers are innovative, portable and affordable. The patented Matrix Ultra Film Labeler can be easily moved from machine to machine and adjusted for labeling across film webs. UltraSource film labeling machines are fast and accurate making them the best film labeling value on the market. 

Weigh Price Labelers

UltraSource sells weigh price labelers by Espera, a German based company.  UltraSource selected Espera weigh price labelers because of their performance, reliability, and affordability. Espera Weigh Price Labelers come with label design software, which competitors charge separately for, and are incredibly versatile in the speed and types of products they can price label.  Weigh price labeling can significantly improve the production and profits of a company by quickly and accurately pricing variable weight product packages.  The Espera 5000 series labeler can price label up to 65 packages per minute and the Espera 7000 series can weigh price label up to 120 packages per minute. 

Dial 800-777-5624 to talk with a Labeling Equipment Specialist. 

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