Matrix Ultra Film Labeler

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Product Details

Matrix™ Ultra Labeler Delivers Unmatched Portability, Precision, Speed and Price

Our Matrix Ultra Film Labeler is a new concept for labeling the top film on a rollstock machine. Standard film labelers require expensive mounting on top of the rollstock machine to label the top film. Our innovative new design allows for roll up portability, applying the labels directly to the top film right before the sealing die.

Matrix™ Ultra Labeler advantages are:
- 40 to 60% savings over conventional mounted labeling systems
- Portability for use on multiple machines and applications
- Small footprint provides functionality in limited and low clearance environments
- US Patented 

Additional features:
- Ideal for labeling direct to the film on a rollstock machine
- User-friendly touch screen controls
- Designed and built by UltraSource in the USA
- NEMA 4 washdown rated for dependability and hygiene
Dimensions: - 80.5" H X 53" L X 35" D; Maximum Label Roll Diameter 14.5";  Maximum Label Width 420 mm

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