Posi 300 In Line Top/Bottom Labeler

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Posi 300 In Line Top and or Bottom Package Labeler

Our Posi 300 automatically affixes pressure sensitive labels to the top and/or bottom of flexible packages, rigid modified atmosphere trays, boxes, and a wide variety of finished products. Posi 300 is well suited for in line labeling applications fed directly from food packaging machines and can be configured for either left to right or right to left operation.
- Constructed of primarily stainless steel and Delrin material and built to NEMA 4 specifications for wash down compatibility
- User friendly NEMA 4 rated touch screen controls include graphics to illustrate operator parameters. Stores up to 26 product programs.
- Quick release conveyor belts can be easily cleaned for thorough sanitizing and inspection
- Small footprint
- Self guiding 12” wide split conveyor belt is designed to transport products up to 17” wide. No need for alignment adjustments to end rollers.
- Look down product sensor improves label placement accuracy on irregular shaped packages (e.g., pork loins) - Bottom labeler head is equipped with a slide out feature for easy label threading
- NEMA 34 high torque stepper motors with 7A (RMS) drives capable of operating at 60 meters per minute
- Distance encoder to maintain registration
- Low energy consumption (220VAC draws less than 4 Amps; 110VAC draws less than 8 Amps) - Locking casters and levelers - Designed, programmed and built by UltraSource in the USA!
- Overall Machine Length: 38-3/8" (973.99 mm)
- Overall Machine Height: Based on Application Needs
- Conveyor Speeds: 49-197 ft./min. (250-1000 mm/sec.)

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