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On-the-Rail Beef Dressing Equipment

Industrial Kill Floor and Processing Equipment

We offer a complete range of kill floor products including hog scalder and dehairers from JWE Baumann; accles & Shelvoke CASH Stunner guns and cylinders; trolleys, hooks, gambrels, and meat trees; carcass splitters, brisket saws, pneumatic dehiders, beef splitters, hog splitters, hock cutters, stunners, scribe saws and more from brands such as Best and Donovan, Jarvis, and Kentmaster. Our kill floor experts can guide you on how best to equip and design your operation. Give us a call today! 800-777-5624

CASH Stunners and Cartridges   •   CASH Stunner Parts   •     Hog Equipment   •   Best & Donovan Saws, etc   •   Jarvis Saws, etc   •   Kentmaster Saws, etc

Elevating and Stationary Platforms   •   Shackles, Trollies and Hooks   •   Tracking, Structural Steel, Hangers, Switches and Accessories

Tables   •   Trucks and Skinning Cradles   •   Doors, Gates & Knocking Pens   •   Tripe Working Equipment

Hide Pulling Equipment   •   Head Working Equipment   •   Wall Coverings   •   On the Rail Beef Dressing Equipment

To place orders outside the contiguous lower 48 states, please call 800-777-5624. By using our site you consent to our privacy policy.