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Material Handling - Commercial Totes, Trays, Carts, Buggies, Tables

Industrial Material Handling Solutions

UltraSource has an extensive selection of material handling products to choose from including UtlraTotes food safe utility lugs; v-edge / v mag buggy carts; fiberglass, aluminum, and stainless steel food handling trays; stackable chill trays and chill tray dollies; industrial drums, containers, and dollies; poly totes / lugs, poly tote / lug liners, and lug / tote carts; poly top and stainless steel tables; retractable and mobile prep station tables, standard and laser cut tray racks; freezer baskets, freezer basket liners, and freezer basket trucks; heavy-duty aluminum dunnage racks, paunch, platform, and elevated trucks, stuffing tables, utility carts, shelves, Remco tubs, carts, shovels, scoops and paddles, Sani Lav sinks and more.

UltraTotes and Carts     Drums and Dollies     Chill Trays and Dollies   •   Food Trays and Racks   •   Freezer Baskets and Trucks

Tables   •    Custom Poly Top Tables / Cutting Board   •   Trucks and Carts    •   V-Edge Buggies/Carts   •   Aluminum Dunnage Racks   

Bulk Movers and Tubs   •   Scoops   •   Scrapers   •    Shelves   •   Step Stools   •   Stainless Steel Vat

To place orders outside the contiguous lower 48 states, please call 800-777-5624. By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

  1. Lids for UltraTotes and other food bins
    Frosted Gray Blue

    UltraTotes® Lids

    Regular Price: $7.75

    Special Price $6.97

  2. UltraTotes 500104, 500105, 500106, 500107, 500108, 500109
    Blue Gray Green Red White Yellow

    UltraTotes™ Utility Tub, Safe for Food and Super Strong

    Regular Price: $10.49

    Special Price $8.99

  3. Plastic Bench Scrapers
    White Green

    Plastic Bench Scrapers

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.96

  4. 500301 32 Ounce Green Hand Scoop

    Green Hand Scoop - 32 Ounces

    Regular Price: $4.29

    Special Price $3.86

  5. 500304 32 Ounce Yellow Hand Scoop

    Yellow Hand Scoop - 32 Ounces

    Regular Price: $4.29

    Special Price $3.86

  6. 500110 Plastic Meat / Food Tote Liners

    Poly Tote Liner - Case of 500

    Regular Price: $69.75

    Special Price $62.77

  7. Bulk Mover and Tubs

    Bulk Mover and Tubs

    Regular Price: $309.95

    Special Price $278.96

  8. 501357 Green denaturant
    Black Green Blue
  9. bus box
    White Gray

    7" Deep Bus Box

    Regular Price: $12.49

    Special Price $11.24


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