The UltraSource Campus and Warehouse | UltraSource food equipment and industrial supplies

UltraSource Campus

UltraSource’s main campus is spread over three buildings totaling over 100,000 square feet. Our facilities house manufacturing, inventory management, purchasing, production, engineering, parts, service, administration, training, test kitchen, and pilot plant.

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility assembles BullDog™ and Bison™ Rollstock Packaging machines, Ultravac® single and double chamber vacuum packaging machines, Rhino® tray sealing equipment, automatic cross web labeling equipment, UltraShink™ diptanks and shrink tunnels, Grand Prize™ smokehouses, as well as sealing gaskets, calrods heaters, sealing bladders and seal bar repair for all makes and models of packaging machines.

  • 35,000 square feet dedicated to production. 
  • Our centralized location allows for factory training of all equipment personnel. 
  • Production and inventory environments support an immediate response to our customers’ needs for new equipment, service, and/or parts. 
  • Streamlined, comprehensive, proven and reliable production methods make UltraSource an industry leader. 
  • Our modern production facility utilizes the latest technological advances. 
  • Networked information and communication are the norm.
  • Our machine shop is equipped with the latest in CAD/CAM machining equipment.
  • All of this allows us to assemble the strongest, most reliable equipment available in the industry.

Fully Equipped Test Kitchen and Pilot Plant

Our fully equipped multifunctional test kitchen and pilot plant are designed for equipment demonstration, recipe experimentation, product development, and new application testing.

  • Newly renovated, our sanitary food preparation environment encompasses approximately 3,500 square feet. 
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 
  • Experienced professional on hand to provide support for your processing, packaging, and labeling project testing needs. 
  • The test kitchen and pilot plant serve as the classroom for our UltraSource Academy where we teach food processors and packagers the latest meat processing techniques.

UltraSource Warehouse

Our 70,000+ sq. ft. warehouse located in North Kansas City efficiently distributes our operational supplies to customers around the world.

  • Recently expanded to accommodate our growing inventory. 
  • 99% inventory accuracy. 
  • Controlled environment for temperature sensitive items. 
  • Different color stretch wrap ensures pallets arrive to the customer as they left the warehouse.