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Cutlery - Meat Hooks, Boning, Breaking & Butcher Knives and Sharpeners

UltraSource offers indutrial strength knives, steels, sharpeners and saws for commercial production environments.  Whether you are a butcher, chef, meat packer or food service worker processing poultry, meat, fish or seafood, UltraSource has blades and saws to help you get the job done and sharpeners to maintain optimal performance and extend the life of your blades.  Choose among popular brands including UltraKnife, Giesser, F. Dick and Dexter Russell.

UltraKnives   •   Giesser Knives  •   F. Dick Knives   •   Dexter Russell Knives   •   Sharpening Steels   •   Sharpening Systems   

Ergo Steel Edge Maintenance   •   Shears / Scissors   •   Hooks, Scrapers & Paddles   •  
Handheld Knife Edge Maintenance   

Knife Storage and Cleaning Boxes   •   Utility Knives

To place orders outside the contiguous lower 48 states, please call 800-777-5624

  1. 449161 Small Image

    F.Dick Curved ExpertGrip Boning Knives

    Regular Price: $14.76

    Special Price $10.11

  2. Boning UltraKnives

    Boning UltraKnifeā„¢

    Regular Price: $8.59

    Special Price $7.30

  3. 8-in. UltraSource Chef Knife

    8-in. UltraSource Chef Knife

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $24.95

  4. Dexter Russell Frankfurt Skinner

    Dexter Russell Frankfurt Skinner

    Regular Price: $8.09

    Special Price $7.22

  5. F.Dick Colored ErgoGrip Curved Knives
    Black Blue Green Yellow Red

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