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There are numerous grant programs available to help expand and strengthen America's food supply. Below are links to some of those grant programs and to Agriculture Grant Solutions, a firm that specializes in helping companies successfully apply for grant funding. We hope this information is useful and please do not hesitate to contact Agriculture Grant Solutions or us at 800-777-5624 for more information.

Improve your success by knowing the following when when applying for a grant:

  • What is my current situation/set up?
  • What is my current throughput overall, by species, and product?
  • How will my grant project items help me increase my throughput?
  • How will my grant project items help me decrease my labor costs?
  • How will my grant project items help me make the workplace safer for my employees?
  • What is my timeline to conduct my project?
  • Is there something that I need to do BEFORE doing my grant project?
  • For example, if I want a new machine, do I need to remodel my processing area to install it first?
  • How many new jobs will I create if I win this grant award?

Agricultural Grant Solutions

Why Agriculture Grant Solutions?

  • Nation's lead grant writing firm for food and meat processors -- 40+ states
  • Over $100 million in grant proposals for meat processors with nearly 100% success rate
  • Member of AAMP and every major state meat association nationwide -- highly recommended by key leaders in the community
  • White glove service on all aspects of the grant, from creating the assets for the application through the entire award administration process. Helps you win the money and avoid getting audited or having complications with government grant agencies
  • Simple and cost-effective fee structure -- Down payment + Administration Fee in the event of a successful award
  • Dozens of referrals available upon request. Here are a few just for your reference. If you want a specific referral for a state you're in, just let them know!


Kyle Weaver of Weaver Meats (Iowa)
Damon Watson of Watson Farms & Market (Oklahoma)
Rebecca Thistlehwaite, President of Niche Meat Processors Association Network
Bobby Vice of BRK Texas (Texas)
Dan Julin of Arcadia Meats (Iowa)
Ginger Shields of Pastured Life Farm (Florida)
Will Taylor of Elevation Meat Market (Colorado)
Andy Miller of Real Kansas Meats (Kansas)
Laura Crowley of L&W Venison (Florida)
Charlie Hollenbeck of Cowboy Meats (Montana)
David Lyles of Lyles Custom Meats (Oklahoma)
Stephen Adrian of Bloomington Meats (Wisconsin) 

Grant Programs and Resources

Below are some links to grant programs. These change regularly, so be sure to check your own state web sites for the latest available funding opportunities.


USDA Grants Application Guide

AAMP Grant Resources

Meat and Poultry Inspection Readiness Grant (MPIRG)

Pennsylvania Very Small Meat and Poultry Processor Reimbursement Grant Program