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UltraSource Vacuum Lift - Easily and Quickly Lift and Maneuver Sacks, Boxes and More

The UltraSource Vacuum Lift can help you improve productivity and avoid injuries without increasing staff. Renowned for their quality, the vacuum lifters’ safe and reliable functionality makes them a great option for any business wishing to improve or eliminate handling and lifting issues. The vacuum head can lift and lower goods and items that range from sacks, to cardboard boxes or tubes to blocks of rubber. The counterbalance base plate is designed to be lifted using a fork lift truck allowing you to use the two joint swing arm in multiple locations across your site.

The vacuum lifting equipment for sacks enables the operator to lift a variety of sacks or bags. The sacks can then be split and opened, and contents emptied, without losing suction from the vacuum lifting head. This sack lifting solution is suitable for production and mixing areas involving raw ingredients and bulk materials. The bag or sack can be split, and contents poured into a hopper without loss of suction from the vacuum lifter.

Available in stainless steel, these lifters are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

- Easy to use
- Virtually weightless
- Flexible
- Quick operation

Two Joint Swing Arm Configuration
The Two Joint Swing Arm consists of a column that can be mounted to the floor, ceiling, wall or counterbalance base plate with a two jointed arm mounted on top. Mounting the arm on top of the column allows for 360 degrees of rotation

- Lifting Capacity Up to 100 kg / 220 lbs
- Reach up to 2.5mtr / 8 Feet as standard
- 360 degree Rotation
- Up to 1.6mtr / 5 1/4 feet beneath the vacuum head as standard
- Floor Mounted
- Ceiling Mounted
- Wall Mounted
- Counter Balance Base Plate Mounted
- Mild Steel Painted or Stainless Steel 304 or 316

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