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Cleaning Products

Industrial and Commercial Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies

UltraSource industrial and commercial janitorial and sanitation cleaning product offerings include HACCP color coded mops, mop buckets, mop handles, and mop heads; high pressure, general purpose, white non marking hot water, and yellow hot water hoses and hose adapters; bronze, aluminum and plastic spray nozzles, mixing stations, IK hand pump sprayers and foamers; color coded pad holder and pads; microfiber towels and pads; scrubbing sponges, scouring pads and brushes; counter, floor, and scrub brushes, brooms and squeegees from Carlisle and Remco Food Products; dust pans; SpillEater; fiberglass, plastic and aluminum brush, broom and squeegee handles; cutting board refinishers, multi purpose scrapers and scoops; and pipe, tube, and valve brushes.  Plus we offer large selection of industrial cleaning solutions like degreasers, safe acid replacements, LIVE MICRO odor and waste eliminator, enviro-caustic drain opener, enviro caustic smokehouse cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, foaming hand soap; sanitizing wipes and gels, NSF D2 Vanquish disinfectant, surface sanitizing wipes and sprays.

Hoses, Nozzles & Adapters    •   Mops   •   Brooms and Dust Pans   •   Brushes   •   Squeegees   •   Cleaning Pads   •   Shovels     •     Lubricants

Paddles   •    Cleaning Solutions, Waste Containers and Sprayers   •   Sinks   •   Soaps and Dispensers   •   Knife Sterilizers and Heating Elements

To place orders outside the contiguous lower 48 states, please call 800-777-5624. By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

  1. UltraSource Pump Up hand sprayers foamers

    Out of stock

  2. 509419 Boot and Shoe Brush

    Boot and Shoe Brush

    Regular Price: $73.95

    Special Price $68.95

  3. 501406 Industrial Foamer/Degreaser

    Industrial Foamer/Degreaser

    Regular Price: $78.95

    Special Price $71.06

  4. 501306 NSF D2 Surface Sanitizing Spray w/o nozzle

    NSF D2 Surface Sanitizing Spray w/o nozzle

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Special Price $5.36

  5. 501300 Surface Sanitizing Wipes

    Surface Sanitizing Wipes

    Regular Price: $10.75

    Special Price $9.68

  6. 501311 Small Image

    Ultra Laundry Soap

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $13.46

  7. Industrial Strength Drums
    White Gray Red Yellow

    Industrial Strength Containers

    Regular Price: $20.95

    Special Price $18.85

  8. Super-Solv #1 - Degreaser and Cleaner

    Super-Solv #1 - Degreaser and Cleaner - Case of 4 Bottles

    Regular Price: $55.82

    Special Price $50.24

  9. Live Micro Odor and Waste Eliminator

    Live Micro™ Odor and Waste Eliminator

    Regular Price: $13.95

    Special Price $12.56


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