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Packaging & Processing Equipment

UltraSource Packaging, Processing, Kill Floor, and Labeling Equipment

Thank you for visiting the UltraSource equipment page.  With over 137 years of industry experience, UltraSource is the trusted choice for packaging, processing and labeling solutions, service and expertise. UltraSource designs manufactures and supports the top of the line packaging, processing and labeling equipment from our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. UltraSource brands include Ultravac vacuum chamber packaging machines, Rhino tray sealers, Matrix and Posi cross-web labelers, the Bison and Bulldog rollstock packaging machines, and the Grand Prize III Smokehouses.  In addition, we offer an extensive line of processing equipment including vacuum tumblers and pickle injectors from Inject Star, Thompson mixers and grinders, Fatosa bowl cutters and mixers, Frey vacuum stuffers, Mauting smokehouses, Cliptechnik clippers, Foodlogistik slicers, and dicers and much more. Lastly, we offer a complete range of kill floor products including hog scalder and dehairers from JWE Baumann; Accles & Shelvoke CASH Stunners,  trolleys, hooks, gambrels, and meat trees; and saws and cutters from brands such as Best and Donovan, Jarvis, and Kentmaster. Our kill floor experts can guide you on how best to equip and design your operation.  

We encourage you to review our solutions online and call 800-777-5624 for a quote or any assistance you may need.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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