Posi 400 In Line Box Labeler

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Posi 400 In Line Box Labeler

Our Posi 400 automatically affixes pressure sensitive labels to the top and/or side(s) of trays, boxes, and a wide variety of finished products. Posi 400 can be configured for either left to right or right to left operation.

- Constructed of primarily stainless steel and Delrin material and built to NEMA 4 specifications for wash down compatibility
- Available with up to three label heads. Choose any combination (top, side, or angle head placement).
- User friendly NEMA 4 rated touch screen controls include graphics to illustrate operator parameters. Stores up to 26 product programs.
- 6” wide plastic tabletop wash through conveyor belt is designed to transport boxes (or) products up to 20” wide. No need for alignment adjustments to end rollers.
- NEMA 34 high torque stepper motors with 7A (RMS) drives capable of operating at 60 meters per minute
- Distance encoder to maintain registration
- Low energy consumption (220VAC draws less than 4 Amps; 110VAC draws less than 8 Amps)
- Designed and built by UltraSource in the USA
- Overall Machine Length: 65.5" (1,664 mm)
- Overall Machine Height: 70.7" (1,796 mm)
- Conveyor Speeds: 49-197 ft./min. (250-1000 mm/sec.)

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