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UltraSource Academy Meat Processing Seminars

Due to covid-19, we do not expect to hold an in person event until at least March 2021.

If you have any questions, contact Penny at 800.777.5624 or info@ultrasourceusa.com.

Classes are held Tuesday through Thursday

Join us to learn the latest step-by-step meat processing techniques for adding value to your current products, adding new products, and maximizing the productivity of your processing facility. Alternating between the classroom and our fully equipped pilot plant, you’ll receive personalized training from our professional instructors and hands-on experience while producing sausages, hams, and whole muscle meats, including but not limited to:

• Smoked and Fresh Sausages
• Pastrami
• Jerky
• Bone-In and Boneless Hams
• Snack Sticks
• Bacon
• Roast Beef
• Bologna and Hot Dogs

UltraSource Academy Meat Processing Seminar

Test Kitchen Activities

•  Learn proper techniques to extract higher percentages of available protein for better bite and yield

•  Learn to control temperature during emulsifying
•  Learn to calculate pump percentages

Using a Vacuum Stuffer

•  Learn to link natural, collagen, and cellulose casings
•  Learn proper techniques for increasing linking and portioning accuracy             
•  Learn the benefits of vacuum stuffing and linking versus other industry methods

Using a Brine Injector

•  Learn to prepare and properly utilize brine and functional ingredients
•  Learn about green weight, injection percentages, and yield effects
•  Learn about curing times, holding times, and brine temperatures

Using a Smokehouse

•  Learn to program a cook cycle through understanding the principles of the product being thermally processed
•  Learn about using relative humidity to increase cooking efficiency
•  Learn new drying techniques

Using a Vacuum Tumbler
•  Learn to extract proteins and use them as binders for restructured and section-and-formed products

•  Learn to greatly reduce cure migration time
•  Learn how to vacuum marinate several products at one time with different flavor profiles
•  Learn what products can be produced in a vacuum tumbler without the need of other support equipment1

If you have any questions, contact Penny at 800.777.5624 or info@ultrasourceusa.com. 

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