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Vacuum Stuffers

UltraSource Frey Vacuum Stuffers and Accessories

UltraSource offers a complete line of Frey Vacuum Stuffers and accessories.  Every Frey stuffer and accessory is designed, engineered, and built with German precision to deliver an exceptional return on investment with increased productivity; reduced labor costs; improved product quality (less smear and better particle definition) and consistency.  Choose from stuffers ranging in size from 40-liter to 300-liter hoppers. Most models feature servo drives that are 20% to 30% more efficient than vector drives providing increased speed, instantaneous start and stop precision, precise weight proportions, and high quality, consistent products. Plus, the stuffers have a superior hygienic design and full-color touchscreen controls. Optional stuffer/filler system accessories can increase the versatility and efficiency of your stuffing, filling, and extruding processes and help you expand your product offerings. Accessories to consider include patty former, portioners, filling flow designer, automatic hanging line, sausage link separator and more.  

Our processing equipment experts can guide you on how to optimally equip your production environment and help you achieve maximum yields and product quality. Give us a call today! 800-777-5624

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