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UltraSource® Ultravac® Single and Double Chamber Vacuum Sealers, The Brand Professional Chefs and Processors Trust

UltraSource is a leader in vacuum chamber packaging. UltraSource single chamber vacuum chamber sealing machines include tabletop and freestanding machines.  UltraSource single chamber tabletop vacuum packaging machines include the Ultravac 150, Ultravac 225, and Ultravac 250.  UltraSource single chamber freestanding vacuum packaging machines include the Ultravac 400, Ultravac 500, Ultravac 600, and Ultravac 700.  The Ultravac 600 and 700 come equipped with 3 seal bars offering excellent production capacity. UltraSource double chamber vacuum packaging machines include the Ultravac 800, Ultravac 880, Ultravac 1000, and Ultravac 2100.  The Ultravac 2100 is legendary for its durability and performance. The Ultravac 2100chamber vacuum packaging machine is the bestselling, number 1 American made commercial double chamber packer on the market.  Ultravac Chamber Sealers are ETL certified and several are NSF certified. 

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Ultravac Vacuum Packaging To Extend Shelf Life, Improve Appearance, Enhance and Lock in Flavor, and Create Ready Meals

Our commercial chamber vacuum sealers greatly extend freshness, flavor and shelf life of products by removing the oxygen and creating a strong seal. You can also select a vacuum chamber sealer with gas flush capabilities for greater packaging options and shelf life.  Our vacuum chamber sealers can store numerous program settings to make it easier to package a variety of product types. You simply select the setting you want and close the lid. Once the lid is closed the machine automatically begins the sealing operation and a high precision sensor measures the vacuum level for exceptional results. 

An Ultravac can help you retain and boost your product flavors.  Infuse marinades with an Ultravac chamber vacuum packaging machine to get a great flavor in your products and offer premium marinated meats. Ultravac chamber vacuum sealing helps lock in freshness, flavor, and texture. All UltraSource vacuum chamber machines are HACCP compliant as long as vacuum packaging, also known as Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) is identified as a critical control point in your HACCP plan and the plan documents the controls for Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes. 

An Ultravac chamber vacuum sealer can also improve your product appearance by better maintaining a fresh, vibrant appearance in zipper bags with hanging holes, shrink bags, foil bags and more. Plus you can avoid overwrapping products and effectively eliminate freezer burn. You can even create fresh or frozen ready to cook meals with Ultravac chamber vacuum sealed food in sous vide/boil in bags. 

Best Commercial Vacuum Packaging Models to Choose From

The Ultravac commercial vacuum chamber sealer line includes small, medium and large vacuum packaging machines. We believe our small tabletop commercial vacuum sealers are some of the most popular and reliable on the market. Our tabletop commercial vacuum chamber sealers have space savings designs and you can choose from less to more configurable models.  The Ultravac 250 tabletop vacuum packaging machine can be configured with 2 seal bars and gas flush operation, for example. UltraSource free-standing single chamber vacuum sealing machines give more sealing space and chamber depth for larger products and production runs. Two of our freestanding single chamber vacuum sealers are equipped with three seal bars for extra vacuum sealing space. Double chamber Ultravac vacuum packaging machines provide significant production capacity and fast cycle times. Our largest commercial double chamber vacuum packaging machine provides 39" per seal bar, 79" in each chamber and our most popular Ultravac 2100 provides 26.5" per seal bar, 53" of seal bar spacer in each chamber.

Which Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Should You Choose?

It depends on what products you are sealing, your customer base, and your volume.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Size

Your production volume and product size are the primary drivers in deciding what size machine to select. If you have a high production volume then you will want to get the most seal bar space for your money. The number of bags you can seal depends on how many unsealed bags with the product inside you can fit on a seal bar. For example, you could fit four 6" wide bags per 26.5" Ultravac 2100 seal bar and there are two 26.5 inch seal bars per chamber allowing you to seal eight 6" wide packages per cycle.  The other major factor in deciding what size of a machine to select is the size of the products you are sealing. If you are sealing large birds, hams, cheese blocks, large non-food items, etc. you will want to pick a machine with a large and deep enough chamber to accommodate the product.

Serving Your Customer Base - Chamber Vacuum Sealer Options

Here are some questions to think about to determine what vacuum chamber packaging machine to pick and what options to add to your machine. Do you have a retail or wholesale business or both? Will you be packaging fresh, frozen, and or cooked products? If fresh products, how long of a shelf life is required? How will your products be shipped or delivered? For longer shelf life of fresh products, you may want to order a chamber vacuum sealer with gas flush capabilities. If your products will be shipped a long way and stored, you may want to choose a machine with a double seal bar or 10mm wide seal band to provide extra strength to the seal. 

Videos of Some Ultravac Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Ultravac 250 Tabletop                                 Ultravac 500 Single Chamber                Ultravac 700 Single Chamber                 


Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber

Commercial Quality Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Ultravac vacuum sealers are built for robust commercial use, unlike home food sealers.  Ultravac chamber sealers are superior to other commercial vacuum sealers because of their design, construction, and premium components, such as Busch vacuum pumps and precision sensors. There are many different brands of vacuum sealers on the market, cheaply made sealers are a dime a dozen, but we believe none offer the quality, 2-year warranty and level of support that UltraSource does on the machines we manufacturer in Kansas City, Missouri. UltraSource is a pioneer in vacuum chamber packaging and the Ultravac machines are long-lasting. UltraSource has a readily available supply of commercial vacuum sealer parts, supplies and service expertise to help ensure you maximize use of your chamber packaging machine. Experienced expert Ultravac service technicians can be reached Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time for questions you may have about your Ultravac chamber vacuum sealer. There is no charge to talk with a technician and or your account manager for support. Investing in an Ultravac commercial chamber vacuum sealer is a smart and safe idea for your business. 

Most Ultravac chamber vacuum packaging machines are USA made, contain Busch® vacuum pumps and are backed by a 2-Year Warranty!  For high quality and reliable production, UltraSource Ultravac vacuum chamber packaging machines are a smart investment. 

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