Thompson 400 Supercut Bandsaw

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Thompson 400 Supercut Bandsaw
The Thompson 400 Bandsaw is the premium supercut high speed bandsaw, a Heavy Duty Bandsaw used in industrial processing facilities throughout Australia. Thompson 400 Bandsaw offers safety accessories and features that significantly improve operator safety. Thompson 400 Bandsaw is very diverse with different options available and this offers the best long term investment with full flexibility options.


  • Automatic blade guarding system that completely covers operating bandsaw blade in between cutting processes

  • Last slice device used in conjunction with sliding table to reduce operator injury

  • The high blade speed and efficient design of the Thompson 400 Bandsaw significantly improve the cutting action

  • 1,960m/min (6,450 ft/min)

  • Cleaner cuts with reduced bone dust on product

  • Portion cutting is straight and accurate

  • Blade does not wander

  • Cuts through frozen product (blocks) effortlessly

  • Increases cutting efficiency and yields