Ultravac® 225 Vacuum Packaging Machine - Single Chamber Tabletop

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Ultravac 225 commercial vacuum packaging machine built to last in the USA! Single Chamber Tabletop

The UltraSource space saving Ultravac® 225 allows you to begin vacuum packaging a wide range of small to large size products in less than 3.25 square feet (19” x 24.6”) of counter space.

- Ideal for small processors, restaurants, and supermarkets, the Ultravac 225 is simple to operate and easy to use!
- Quick change, 16” seal bar.
- Our Pozi Pressure® radius surface sealing element seals through contaminants, folds, and wrinkles.
- Compact tabletop model saves valuable counter space.
- Simple operation and easy to use controls.
- Ideal for small processors, restaurants, and supermarkets.
- Patented lid hinge system minimizes stress on lid to eliminate cracking.
- Chamber Dimensions: 19.56" L X 16.75" W X 7.25"
- ETL Listed: Conforms to UL-73, CSA-C22.2 No. 68-92, NSF-2 certified with optional feet kit

Ultravac 225 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is NSF Certified


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Ultravac 225 - Choose the Best Commercial Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer Design for Your Business

The Ultravac 225 commercial chamber vacuum sealer was designed to provide years of trouble-free operation and to help in the packaging of your quality food products. The Ultravac 225 is one of the best chamber vacuum sealers on the market and can be configured to meet your packaging and budgetary requirements. Work with one of our vacuum chamber packaging specialists to discuss whether an analog, digital, or touchscreen control panel is right for you and if gas flush is an option you would like to add. With the digital and touchscreen control panel options you can store program to make it faster and easier to package different product types correctly. With the digital panel, you can store up to 10 packaging configuration programs and with the touchscreen panel option you can store up to 99 chamber vacuum sealing programs. All UltraSource vacuum chamber machines are HACCP compliant as long as vacuum packaging, also known as Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) is identified as a critical control point in your HACCP plan and the plan documents the controls for Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes. 

Ultravac 225 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Digital Panel Option

The digital front panel, which includes the keypad, illuminated display, and microprocessor, uses sealed components and is conformal coated in a moisture-proof coating. The digital front panel meets or exceeds the requirements of NEMA 4. The front of the digital display is sealed and flush for easy cleaning. The digital control has both pulsed vacuum and pulsed venting options for any fragile product. The digital control has a maintenance screen for testing valves and a special loop option for multiple vacuum/gas cycles before sealing.

Ultravac 225 Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer Touchscreen Panel Option

The touch screen control panel allows the user more options than the digital control panel. The embedded microprocessor controls each sequence of the packaging operation. Settings for the vacuum, gas, and sealing are entered as parameters through the keypad. This allows the user to custom program every step of the packaging process. The precise vacuum and gas pressures are controlled by a pressure based sensor. The vacuum pressure, gas pressure, and seal time are displayed on a large 4.3” LCD touchscreen, which can be read easily in all lighting conditions. As each sequence is performed, the real-time pressure level or cycle time is displayed.

The VACPLUS option allows the operator to run the pump from .1 to 6 seconds after the set vacuum level is achieved.

The touchscreen panel has an auto stop, which will automatically seal if the preset vacuum is not reached. This feature decreases the cycle time and optimizes the vacuum level of each product.

The touchscreen panel meets or exceeds the requirements of NEMA 4. The front of the touch screen is sealed and flush mounted for easy cleaning.

The touchscreen has both pulsed vacuum and pulsed venting options for any fragile product.

The touchscreen has a maintenance screen for testing valves and a special loop option for multiple vacuum/gas cycles before sealing.

Gas Flush Option

The Gas Flush option allows the operator to introduce an inert gas into the chamber after the vacuum stage. This option can be used as a filler to prevent crushing of the product after sealing, as a means to prolong shelf life or as a means to maintain desirable product appearance. In order to ensure the proper shelf life of the food product packaged in this machine, please contact a reputable food technologist or specialist in vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.) to review and develop the appropriate gas mixture for your package,and perform quality control and gas analysis on your finished M.A.P. packages.

For the best commercial chamber vacuum sealing results, it is important to:

• Check the pump oil level daily.
• Select a pouch that fits the product.
• Carefully load the product into the pouch.
• Keep the product and the product residue away from the seal area of the pouch.
• Place the product as far into the pouch as possible.
• Maintain an equal amount of the product above and below the seal bar 
• Use Filler Plates for raising the height of the product.
• Lay the pouch flat on the seal area, keeping the pouch free of wrinkles.
• Place the pouch so that the open end is inside the chamber when the lid is closed.


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