Kodiak™ Rollstock Packaging Machine - Horizontal Form Fill and Seal - 600 Web Width Max

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Item# EQ000070-kodiak


Product Details

Kodiak™ Rollstock Packaging Machine - 420mm Minimum and 600mm Maximum Web Width

UltraSource continues to expand its innovative packaging machine technologies. The KodiakRollstock Machine delivers greater production volume than that of the Bison® with similar web width configuration options. The increase comes from the larger cutoff index supported by an innovative 4 post die lift. The Kodiakindex of up to 600 mm eclipses the 400 mm cutoff of the Bison®. The Kodiak has an optional 15" touchscreen interface that facilitates machine operation & maintenance. Because of the larger loading index area, the Kodiakmachine frames starts at 20 feet in length & can be expanded up to 36 feet depending on customer needs.

Innovative Features:

» Larger packaging area than the Bison — 400mm to 600mm cutoff

» Innovative & reliable four post die lift system sets the Kodiakapart

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Kodiak rollstock machine