Ultravac® 1000 Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Ultravac® Double Chamber 1000 Vacuum Packaging Machine

Our powerful and reliable automatic Ultravac® 1000 double chamber vacuum packaging machine features simplicity of design and operation. With two 39” seal bars in each chamber delivering 10mm robust wide band hermetic seals, the Ultravac 1000 is sure to minimize “leakers” and rework. Its chamber size and automatic lid swing offer exceptional packaging flexibility and productivity for a broad variety of meat, poultry, seafood, or dairy products. From individual steaks and chops to tuna loins to large primal cuts, turkeys, and cheese blocks, the economical Ultravac 1000 is designed for efficient operation by a single worker to produce high quality, low-cost packaging solutions in daily midrange production environments.

The Ultravac 1000’s automatic lid swing function sets the pace for the packaging process maximizing single operator productivity as they load product in one chamber while the product is being sealed in the chamber at the opposite end. This automatic feature results in increased output and reduced labor costs.

Built to UltraSource’s rigid specifications and designed to perform in cold and wet environments for many years, the Ultravac 1000 is manufactured primarily with stainless steel components; a powerful, dependable, 12-horsepower vacuum pump; a flat deck design for ease of sanitation, and a NEMA 4 programmable control panel that stores up to 20 programs for a variety of products, assuring consistency from cycle to cycle.
- Durable Stainless Steel Construction
- Flat Deck Design
- 12” Lid
- 10mm Wide Band Smooth or Textured Seals
- NEMA 4 Programmable Control Panel
- NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosures
- Soft Air Ventilation
- Automatic Lid Swing with Safety Guard
- Bladder Activated Sealing
- Eight High-Density Plastic Filler Plates
- Pump Overload Warning Indicator
- Oil Change Indicator
- Vacuum Sensor and Display
- Heavy Duty Casters
- Electrical: 240 Volts / 60Hz/ 3-phase
- Chamber Dimensions: 45.2" L X 43.1" W X 12" H
- Machine Dimensions: 98" L X 52.2" W X 50.4" H

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