Eviscerating Dropper Spreader

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Product Details

Eviscerating Dropper Spreader

An eviscerating dropper/spreader may be installed in most existing kill floors without excessive remodeling. Skinned carcasses are moved onto a 48" rail section where a worker operates a hand valve to both lower the rail section to the appropriate working height and spread the animals’ legs to facilitate evisceration and splitting.


• Increases efficiency and production
• Reduces labor costs

Product Features:

• Distance of drop is variable up to 48"
• Variable spreader permits spread distance of 6" to 36" depending on animal size
• Unit may also be used in bed dressing operations
• 90 to 100 psi working air pressure allows one complete cycle in 14 seconds
• Requires a minimum of 84" clearance above top of rail
• Must specify trolley flow and amount of rail slope per foot when ordering
• Painted finish
• Dimensions 64" W x 90" L x 14" H