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Brine/Pickling Hand Pumps

UltraSource Industrial Food Processing Equipment

We offer an extensive line of processing equipment including Cliptechnick clipping machines, brine mixing stations, vacuum tumblers and pickle injectors from Inject Star; Thompson mixers, grinders, frozen block flakers, column lifts, and augers;  Fatosa bowl cutters and mixers; Frey vacuum stuffers, portioners and link hanging lines; UltraSource Grand Prize III SmokeHouse and piston stuffers; Mauting UKM Classic and UKM Junior smokehouses; Mauting drying and fermentation chambers, Maja derinders, skinners, and flake ice machines; Foodlogistik slicers and dicers; Protoge Patty-O-Matic patty formers, and much more. Our processing equipment experts can guide you on how to optimally equip your production environment and help you achieve maximum yields and product quality. Give us a call 800-777-5624 or message us today!

Smokehouses, Fermentation and Drying Rooms   •   Vacuum Stuffers   •  Injectors  •   Vacuum Tumblers   •  Mixers/Grinders   •   Mixers

Bowl Cutters   •   Brine Mixing Stations   •   Patty Forming Machines   •   Skinners/Derinders/Ice Makers

Slicers and Dicers   •   Clipping Machines  •   Piston Stuffers   •  Frozen Block Flaker 

Handheld Brine Injector   •   Colosimo's Press   •   Material Handling

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