Handheld Brine Injector

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Handheld Brine Injector

Injector is shipped completely assembled and ready to use! The UltraSource handheld brine injector is versatile and effective allowing you to quickly inject products for superb results. 

Caution: never run pump dry!


1. Pump is furnished with one artery needle, and one spray needle. When needles are changed make certain connections are tight.

2. Insert the intake hose with strainer and attached by-pass hose into brine solution BEFORE starting motor.

3. Connect cord to an 110v outlet.

4. Hold the hand valve open with needle pointed into brine solution and start motor. Hold open until solution begins to flow (pump is self-priming.)

5. Operating pressure is preset at 50 psi. and is adjustable from 40 – 80 psi. To change pressure: a. Loosen the relief valve adjusting handle lock nut. b. Start motor and hold hand valve open. c. Turn the adjusting handle in (increase) or out (decrease) slowly until gauge settles to proper reading. d. Retighten lock nut on adjusting handle stem.

6 . Your injector unit is now ready for use.