Rhino 10 Automatic Food Tray Sealer with or without MAP

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Rhino 10 Automatic Food Tray Sealer with or without MAP
Our Rhino 10 Automatic M.A.P. Food Tray Sealer is a versatile, inline tray sealer with modified atmosphere packaging capability. Ideal for small to medium-sized commercial production environments; it is constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum and is built to operate in wash down environments. Its inline guide rails are fully adjustable and accommodate bowls, trays, cups, and more. The wide sealing area accommodates three rows of #3 size trays that are advanced by a stepper motor into the sealing mold, sealed and then automatically discharged. The Rhino 10 seals up to ten cycles per minute or seven M.A.P. cycles per minute. Tooling changeover is fast and easy, requiring a single tool to accomplish product changeovers in less than 15 minutes.

Rhino Food Tray Sealers are high-performance lidding machines whether you are sealing single or multiple compartment cups or trays and fresh, cooked, raw or frozen meals. 

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Advanced, durable, and efficient design elements:

- Seal Tight™ film clamping system
- PLC controls with 7” full color touch screen (Multilingual: English, German, French, and Spanish)
- Fully electronic film tension system controlled through the touch screen
- Stepper motor controlled film advance (± 0.5mm) eliminates film breakage and tightly controls advance distance from uncut side - Teflon® coated sealing plates
- Film Relax™ mechanism
- Slanted top on both electrical enclosure and machine top for water runoff
- Adjustable gravity discharge conveyor (from 5 to 25 degrees) to set the discharge height to match the takeaway conveyor

- 3-hp vacuum pump
- One year warranty

- Conforms to NSF 2, UL 963, CSA C22.2 #68 
- Machine Dimensions: 145.10" L X 47.09" W X 66.92" H
- Maximum Tray Dimensions: 22.8" W X 12.4" L X 4.7" D
- Made in Kansas City, Missouri USA 

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