C-75VV Bowl Cutter

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C-75VV Bowl Cutter

Bowl cutting is the answer for better product color, appearance, bite, texture, quality, and higher yields. Our bowl cutters offer an opportunity to improve both your product line and your bottom line. Designed for easy startup, each bowl cutter is fully assembled and ready for operation after unboxing, adding electrical power, and a thorough cleaning.

Standard Features:
- Six knives
- Emergency stop
- Knife brake
- Unloader
- Electronic controls
- Variable speed
- Digital thermometer
- Five preset cutting speeds
- Three preset bowl speeds
- Auto shut-off by time, temperature, or bowl revolutions

Capacity: 75 Liters
Knife Speed: 150 o 5,000 RPM
Bowl Speed: 5/12/18 RPM
Mixing Speed: 150 RPM