C-35Z Bowl Cutter

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Product Details

Bowl cutting is the answer for better product color, appearance, bite, texture, quality, and higher yields. Our bowl cutters offer an opportunity to improve both your product line and your bottom line.

The C-35Z is the ideal bowl cutter for small processing, research, or test kitchen facilities. Manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel, not only can it withstand rigorous use, but the hygienic clean design and smooth surfaces make cleaning effortless. Simple to operate with push buttons, the C-35Z has two cutter speeds and two bowl speeds to allow for the exact cutting and mixing process for your product. Designed for easy startup, each bowl cutter is fully assembled and ready for operation after unboxing, adding electrical power, and a thorough cleaning.

- Three knives
- One set of keys for knife assembly
- Two cutter and two bowl speeds
- Knife Speed: 1,400 to 2,800 rpm
-Bowl Speed: 5 / 12 rpm
- Emergency stop
- Knife brake
- Max Capacity: 35 Liters