Inject Star Meat Recovery Units PI-20 PI-60 and PI-100

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Product Details

Inject Star Meat Recovery Units  PI-20, PI-60, and PI-100

Recover up to 30% of meat depending on the type of bone. Superior technology for the extraction of remaining high quality meat. Bones are fed into the Inject Star Meat Recover Unit pressing chamber and are compressed. Then the residual meat is released from the bones by a linear hydraulic system and pressed through a 2 mm or 8mm, depending on the model,perforated filter. Maximize yields and profits!

Features and benefits:

  • Process a wide variety of red meat bones

  • Low calcium value, maximum of 1% (,1,000 mg/kg)

  • Minimal temperature rise during the meat recovery process

  • Low running costs and maintenance

  • 2mm perforated filter

  • Intuitive touch screen computer controls

  • Design for optimal hygiene and safety


  • Integrated or stand alone bone breaker to prepare bones for the MRU

  • 8mm perforated filter

  • Soft separator

  • Side addition of soft separator

  • Charging lift, lifiting table, charging conveyor, and removal belt for P-100 line


- Capacity of up to a maximum of 200 kg/h
- 6 liter filling chamber
- 4-kg pres chamber

- Capacity of up to a maximum of 1,500 kg/h
- 11 liter filling chamber
- 8-kg press chamber

- Capacity of up to a maximum of 3,000 kg/h
- 30 liter filling chamber
- 20-kg press chamber