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LT-15 Vacuum Tumbler
With the LT-15 Tumbler you can minimize curing or marinating time and improve product yields, profit, quality, and consistency.

- Dimensions: 47" L x 27" W x 35" H
- Working Capacity: 150-lb
- Vacuum Pump System: Maximum Vacuum (liquid trap) 26-in
- Drum Speed: Variable Speed Drive 1-9 rpm
- Timer Controls: Tumble Timer 8 hour (standard)
- Door Opening: 12.5-in. x 23.75-in
- USDA approved
- All stainless steel construction
- 115 volt AC power
- Photoelectric safety shutoff
- Designed for easy operation and cleanup
- Variable speed control
- Tumble timer is standard on all units
- Built in vacuum system
- Made in the USA