Mauting UKM Classic Smokehouse

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Product Details

UltraSource Multi Truck Commercial Smokehouse by Mauting
Highly efficient industrial smokehouses with incredible airflow and smoke generation. Mauting smokehouses use smart controls and expertly designed airflow configurations to help achieve excellent yields and product quality.  
The Mauting UKM smokehouse is designed for industrial and craft production of smoked meat products. It enables to carry out automatic thermal processing of smoked meat products, i.e. reddening, warming-through, drying, smoking, cooking, baking and showering without any additional handling operation.
Thanks to the sophisticated control of a technological process the minimal losses and weight loss occur. The Classic smoking chamber has the individual circulating air ventilator for each trolley. The optimized circulating air flow provides the uniform distribution of temperature, humidity, and smoke. By request, the air flow circulation can be controlled by means of the frequency converter which enables the infinitely variable change of air flow. Also, the control air flap valves which continuously wary the air flow proportion from the left and right side may be added. 

- Single to twelve truck configuration
- Wood chip or friction block smoke generator 
- Microprocessor control system allows for custom programming and data recording 
- Electric, gas, or steam heated
- Multiple smoke truck configurations 
- Automatic cleaning system
- Pneumatic and fully automatic door closing guarantees perfect sealing of the chamber
- The humidity in the chamber can be operated in each section extra and is measured by a psychrometric sensor.
- Steam is produced either by water mist injection or direct steam injection into the chamber.
- The chamber is manufactured of chrome-nickel stainless steel
- Accurate and superior control
- Uniform climate for consistency
- Design promotes safety and hygiene
- Modular and reliable construction


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