Mauting KMD Maturing Chamber

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Mauting KMD Maturing Chamber

Designed for the second phase of fermentation of thermally non-processed products or drying of thermally processed products. They can be equipped with smoke generators for the creation of smoke aroma.

- For the second phase of fermentation
- Drying
- They provide processes of post maturing, drying and storing

The air-conditioned chamber ensures the optimal flow, speed, direction, and renewal of circulating air which are the basic assumptions for obtaining the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity in a space.
Standard operative temperature range is 15 ÷ 22 °C at regulated humidity in the range of 65 ÷ 90%. The dehumidifying output of the equipment is 1-1,5% / 24 hours on the average according to the type of the product, casing, and production technology related to the temperature of 15 °C and relative humidity of 70%. The Cross Flow system allows the dehumidification up to 2,5%/24 hours.
The KMD air conditioned post maturing and drying units are designed for the second fermentation phase of the durable thermally unprocessed meat products or drying of thermally processed durable meat products. They are suitable for fermented products with starter culture and also GDL or classic production of durable salamis, sausages, ham, bacon and smoked meat.
The advanced microprocessor control system of the air-conditioned chambers ensures the optimal course of circulation air temperature, humidity, speed and direction, fresh air intake and renewal of circulation air.
After the termination of the ripening process, the chamber may be switched over to a standby condition with optimal climate for storage of products at minimal weight loss and low energy costs.

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