Thompson 4200F Mixer/Grinder

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Thompson 4200F Mixer/Grinder

Incorporating all of the strength of features of our Thompson 4000 Series mixer/grinders, our 4200F frozen mixer/grinder has been designed and constructed to withstand the higher forces and demands of processing hard frozen product.

- Capable of producing up to 4,000 kilograms (8,819 pounds) per hour (depending on plate size, product, and product temperature), our 4200F model is equipped with a hopper volume of 350 liters. The Thompson 4200F industrial mixer/grinder is manufactured of solid stainless steel and features seam welded corners inside and out. The smooth easy to clean surfaces, solid stainless steel feedscrew, grinding head, lock ring, and mixing arm reflect the quality construction of this machine. In addition, the stainless steel hopper is 4mm thick with reinforced walls for further strength.
- The specially designed frozen feedscrew with its unique flight design is structurally engineered to handle tempered meat blocks at -1°C (30°F); 5.9” x 5.9” x 15.7”; or frozen 2” x 2” x 2” cubed meat products at -10°C (14°F) using a minimum hole plate of 8mm in diameter. After cutting the product into small pieces, the feedscrew then transports the material to a large GU160 grinding head. A continuous grind at high production rates is made possible with the high torque feedscrew powered by a 20/20 horsepower, two speed grinding motor. Equipped with reliable helical gear drives, you never have to worry about downtime due to belt or chain failure.
- Heavy duty safety interlocked dome-shaped lid with viewing slots so spices or other ingredients can be added while mixing. Mixing action stops when safety lock on the lid is released.
- Independent helical gear drives for mixing and grinding
- Heavy-duty locking casters
- From quality design to tough construction, outstanding performance, and amazing reliability, that’s Thompson!


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