Thompson 6400 Mixer/Grinder

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Thompson 6400 Mixer/Grinder

Designed for large volume production environments, our Thompson 6400 industrial mixer/grinder is capable of grinding fresh or frozen meat (1½” pieces or flaked at -10°C or 14°F) while producing up to 6,000 kilograms (13,227 pounds) per hour (depending on plate size, product, and product temperature). With a hopper capacity of 610 liters, the product range is endless.

- The Thompson 6400 is equipped with twin solid stainless steel feedscrews – one that is variable speed and rotates slower than the other feedscrew to convey the product from the hopper into a uniquely designed channel where the two-speed grinding feedscrew is located. The variable speed transfer feedscrew enables the operator to adjust the machine’s product feed rate according to the application. This results in a constant supply of material to the grinding feedscrew for continuous output based on the product (e.g., whole muscles, frozen flaked meat, sausage emulsion, or coarse ground product) and product temperature.
- While mixing, the transfer feedscrew operates in reverse, shifting the product away from the transfer feedscrew channel, resulting in thoroughly blended batches. This action, combined with the multidirectional product movement of the ribbon style paddle, maximizes particle definition throughout the meat mixture resulting in a very homogenous blend.
- The #56 size (152mm) grinding head delivers high production rates for a variety of products, including fresh and tempered or flaked frozen meat. Equipped with reliable independent gear drives, you never have to worry about downtime due to belt or chain failure.
- From quality design to tough construction, outstanding performance, and amazing reliability, that’s Thompson!


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