Frey Burger Head BH4

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Frey Burger Head BH4
With the Frey burger head BH4 you can produce up to 1,000 patties per hour. 

The burger head is simple to install, use and clean and allows you to increase production and product options with a low up front cost.

The Frey BH4 produces consistent size, form and quality.The Burger head is a practical solution for big and small butchery shops, butchery and restaurant chains, snack suppliers, catering companies, canteen kitchens and many others.

Various disks with standard forms are available. Special designs can be delivered on request. By simply changing the form disk, another product can be produced.

The burger head BH4 can also be used in combination with portioning machines and Frey F-Line vacuum stuffers as well for affordable and efficient patty production.

Frey Burger Head BH4