UltraBoots™ - High Performance Polyurethane Boots

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UltraBoots™, High Performance Polyurethane Boots - Sizes 5 through 15

UltraSource UltraBoots have been designed for performance in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. UltraBoots are made from comfortable, durable and chemical resistant polyurethane that will far outlast PVC boots and help keep workers more comfortable. Simply superior to competitors!

- Helps insulate against cold temperatures and the material will not stiffen in the cold.
- Plush, ergonomic insoles that provide both arch and back of foot support. Air pockets near heel of foot provide comfort.
- Heavy duty soles with deep and wide tread design provide for a sturdy foot platform and better footing while working in areas with proteins and fats on the floor. 
- Designed with an arched "cowboy cut" opening to reduce rubbing and make them easier to don and take off.
- Large kick-off lug for easy removal.
- 3 molded flex points for a greater range of motion while working throughout the day.

- Design and softer materials help accommodate narrow to wide foot widths.
- The self-cleaning outsole has many exit points to help move large proteins/fats to exit the deep and wide tread channels. This premium slip-resistant design enables greater surface contact for superior traction.

- Delivered sealed in bags; not boxes, to make them easier to organize and to reduce contamination and reduce paper waste.
- Safety toe meets ASTM F2413 -11 I/75 and C75. The safety toe is made of lightweight materials and provides greater foot comfort with cold and heat insulating properties.

- Standard 15" height for great protection against water and other fluids.

Unit: Pair - Boots run about 1 full size large.

Item numbers: 440015-5, 440015-6, 440015-7, 440015-8, 440015-9, 440015-10, 440015-11, 440015-12, 440015-13, 440015-14, 440015-15, 440016-5, 440016-6, 440016-7, 440016-8, 440016-9, 440016-10, 440016-11, 440016-12, 440016-13, 440016-14, 440016-15, 440017-5, 440017-6, 440017-7, 440017-8, 440017-9, 440017-10, 440017-11, 440017-12, 440017-13, 440017-14, 440017-15, 440018-5, 440018-6, 440018-7, 440018-8, 440018-9, 440018-10, 440018-11, 440018-12, 440018-13, 440018-14, 440018-15