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LALCULT® Protect Peperoni HT-01, 100 KG
Improve the texture, flavor, color & safety of your sausage, snack sticks, and pepperoni products! 

Application: fast acidification, color and flavor enhancement

The Peperoni HT-01 is used to make high temperature fermented meat products such as snack sticks, summer sausage, and pepperoni. The pediococcus acidilactici it contains is known to deliver quick acidification. For optimal speed we recommend rehydrating the cultures at least 30 minutes prior to production.

When added to your process these freeze-dried cultures will acidify the meat mix in the first stage of the dry fermented sausage making. This will:

Improve the meat coagulation

Facilitate the water loss during drying

Control the environment by inhibiting the growth of undesirable mold flora and other contaminants.

The cultures will contribute to flavor formation as their lipolytic and proteolytic activities release flavor compounds.

Usage: refer to Application data sheet - Meat Ripening

Dosage: 15g per 100Kg of meat

Storage: Freezer 0 °F

Technical Data Sheet

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