AV600 Vacuum Mixer - 600-Liter Capacity

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Product Details

Vacuum Mixer - AV600 600-Liter Capacity Fatosa
Mixing under vacuum has many advantages including longer product life, faster mixing times, and increased product appeal by retaining original color, smell, and flavor longer. 

Extremely versatile mixing machines that can be used for all kinds of food (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.). They operate with two Z-shaped arms and rotation in both directions. The two Z-shaped arms give the product an excellent appearance thanks to optimum mixing and kneading in a short space of time.

Standard features:
- Manual cover
- Two Z-shaped arms rotate in both directions
- Hydraulic loader and bowl tipping mechanism
- Timer for operating time and each rotational direction
- Variable arm speed
- Emergency stop
- Two handed unloading control
- Bowl cover safety mechanism
- Water resistant

Options available:

- Controlled water dispenser
- CO2  cooling system
- Programmer that allows for up to 90 programs to control time, direction, rotational speed, vacuum level, pauses, temperature, CO2 injection, and water level
- T-paddle