DicR® Classic 96+

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DicR® Classic 96+

Hand diced results are achieved by using the unique four-dimensional precompression which quite simply holds the fresh meat firm while it is being cut through extremely long grid blades. Four dimensional pre-compression guarantees for the perfect cutting edges all-around.

Refined shape of the slice-cut knife ensures a powerful, smooth and clean cut. Ergonomic single-handed operation with lengthwise chamber opening; extra durable cutting grids to cope with hardest workload as standard feature, including a time saving double chamber system assures loading and dicing together.

Piston advance at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double or four-bladed knife or intermittent cutting with single cut knife achieving precise cubes. Minimum set up time to change grid sets, no tools required!!

-Strongest Dicer of its class - motor power of 2,6 kW
-Unmatched hydraulic performance - more than double oil-volume as equivalent Dicers
-Unbelievable cutting length - 45 mm infinitely adjustable
-High throughput - up to 560 cuts per minute
-Extremely long grid blades - provide cleanest cut through meat and sinews to give separate cubes with perfect edges all-round
-Excellent machine handling - visual signal for loading readiness, double chamber system, single-handed operation with lengthwise chamber opening
-New style hygiene door Mobile on castors