Budgit® Electric Chain Hoist

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Product Details

Heavy duty, electric hook mounted and trolley mounted hoists are available in a variety of load capacities and lifting speeds to meet your specifications.

- Built-in clutch is factory preset to "sense" dangerous overloads - hoist will disengage providing an extra margin of safety
- Rugged motor reverses instantly with drum-type reversing controller
- Hand operated, push button control leaves one hand free to guide the load
- Two brakes hold capacity loads at any point - upper and lower safety stops load automatically when hook reaches highest or lowest safety position
- Non-fracturing, full-rotating load hook supports load on 4 bearing surfaces
- Rigid push type trolleys on hoists up to 1/2-ton capacity are adjustable for I-beams from 4" to 10"
- Trolleys on 2-ton hoists are adjustable from 5" to 12"
- Standard with 10-ft. lift chain, 6-ft. control cable, 5-ft. power cord. Other lengths available