Cookmaster II Control

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Product Details

CookMaster II - Commercial Smokehouse / Oven Microprocessor Control

Our CookMaster II microprocessor control can be retrofitted to just about any oven.

- Beckhoff CX9000 PC Control running Windows CE
- NEMA 4 rated, multilingual (English, German, French, and Spanish)
- 7”full-color touchscreen
- Stores up to 99 product programs including nine stages per program
- Cook, chill, smoke, and/or shower by time and/or product temperature
- Delayed start
- Programmable liquid smoke dwell time 
- Purge output to clear liquid smoke line
- Ramp dry/wet temperature setting.
- Designed to gradually change temperature to improve product yield/quality
- Cold smoke capability
- Trend charts display internal, dry, and wet temperatures every minute, over an 18-hour cook period
- Easy temperature calibration
- Retrofittable to just about any oven

Connect to your industrial smokehouse CookMaster remotely via desktop, laptop or smartphone!