Cliptechnik Semi-Automatic Double Clipper CDC Series

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Product Details

Cliptechnik Semi-Automatic Double Clipper CDC Series - From Germany!

The CDC series double clipper is a solidly built machine that promotes safe operation, high productivity and flexibility. The adjustable base of the machine makes it easy to connect with most standard stuffing machines. The machine enables processors to provide new products quickly and easily, proceed existing products routinely and efficiently. The CDC can help you to save time and money.
Cliptechnik Semi Automatic Double Clipper CDC Series Features:
- High flexibility, large caliber range and simple operation
- Built to last with stainless steel and service and hygiene friendly design
- Pneumatically controlled and operated for easy maintenance and low cost
- No matter how the CDC is configured - it does not require any electricity
- A quick change of up to 4 different clip types without requiring any modification
- Can be connected to all commercially available stuffing machines


Adaptability and Consistency:

The CDC-series is characterized by its solid design combined and secure, precise handling. All natural, fiber, cellulose and artificial casings available on the market can be processed in single sausages, sausage chains and rings up to caliber 120 mm depending on the model.
Options allow the CDC double clipper to be adapted to different work requirements. An optional counter module can be added that controls of the knife and/or the loop inserter. A pneumatic casing brake also allows processing of very sensitive casings. The Cliptechnik Double Clipper CDC series can save you time and boost processing quickly. Even new staff can run the clipper after a short training. Consistently and safely portion sausages, soups, and cheese products quickly and cleanly with a CDC Series double clipper.
- Automated loop dispenser
- String dispenser for ring-shaped sausages
- Perfex loop inserter
- Control by counter module
- Spoolclip system
- Pneumatic casing brake
- Knife - string cutter
- Stuffing horn support - for smaller, craft production
- Swiveling stuffing horn support (patented)
- Subject to technical changes

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