CASH Special Dispatch Kit

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CASH Special Dispatch Kit - Universal Euthanasia

The kit contains all the equipment necessary for an extremely varied range of casualty situations. It includes a CASH Special .25” HD (Heavy Duty) with all the attachments required to stun animals from poultry to extremely heavy bulls. Four different heads are provided: long bolt, standard bolt, short bolt and a concussion head for very small animals. Maintenance tools and equipment are also contained with the kit, together with guidance describing how to combine the tools and cartridges depending on the species.
Versatile stunner kit containing the following:
- Heavy Duty Cash Special
- Conversion to various formats:
     - Long Bolt (for Large Animals)
     - Standard Bolt
     - Short Bolt
     - Knocker Head (for Very Small Animals)
- Range of Cartridges to Suit Different Requirements - Tins of Blue, Yellow, Orange and Pink Cartridges
- Robust Construction
- Maintenance Tools
- Reliable Performance
- Low Maintenance Costs

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