CASH Magnum .25 Freeflight SF - Penetrating Captive Bolt Stunner - Cylinder Style

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CASH Magnum .25 Freeflight SF

The CASH Magnum Free Flight is available with a Stop Fire (SF) device, a feature which adds an additional layer of safety to the tool. It is operated by simply rotating from the ‘safe’ to the ‘fire’ position when required.

The CASH Magnum Free Flight combines power, flexibility and ease of use.

This penetrating stunner fires a captive bolt into the skull of the animal to be stunned. The highest energy transfer is made possible by the use of .25” cartridges and a free flight bolt. This arrangement is optimal for situations where a stronger stun is required.

The tool has a comfortable cylindrical shape with a finger or palm operated trigger. The loading, firing and extraction procedure is quick and easy to accomplish.

The CASH Magnum Free Flight was first introduced in 1982 and has formed the basis for all of the other Magnum stunners. Thousands of units have been sold worldwide and it is the backbone of stunning operations in many countries. It is particularly popular in high through-put plants and is valued for its robust construction and ease of maintenance.

Trigger fired cylindrical tool
- Proven ergonomic design
- Free flight bolt for maximum force
- Fast loading action
- Robust construction
- Can be used with a wide range of cartridges for different animal sizes
- Reliable performance
- Low maintenance costs
- Supplied with cleaning tools and maintenance instructions

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