CASH Cowpuncher Penetrating Captive Bolt Stunner

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Item# 509831-509832-509833-509834


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CASH Cowpuncher Penetrating Captive Bolt Stunner .22 or .25 Caliber Options

The Cash Cow puncher bolt stunner is one of the most popular stunners worldwide and the bestselling stunner in certain countries. The cow puncher has a cylindrical design and is a contact fire. Contact firing helps ensure proper placement on the animal for accurate, fast, and humane dispatch.  Call today to learn more about why the CASH Cowpuncher is so popular around the world. 

Proven ergonomic design
- Available in .22” and .25” calibers
- Unique contact fire system ensures maximum bolt penetration
- Robust construction
- Long handle option
- Can be used with a wide range of cartridges for different animal sizes
- Reliable performance
- CE conformity
- Low maintenance costs
-  Supplied with cleaning tools and maintenance instructions


509831 - CASH Cowpuncher .22" Caliber. 4 grain max cartridge.
509833 - CASH Cowpuncher .25" Caliber. 4.5 grain max cartridge.
509834 - CASH Cowpuncher .25" Caliber with long handle. 4.5 grain max cartridge.

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