.25 Caliber CASH Stunner Cartridges - Prices Start at $16

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.25 Caliber CASH Stunner Cartridges - Prices Start at $16

World leaders in the manufacture and supply of precision engineered cartridge powered tools, UltraSource is proud to offer the Accles and Shelvoke range of cartridges along with their stunners. Only use Accles and Shelvoke cartridges in your stunning tools.

The .25” caliber cartridges from Accles & Shelvoke offer a diverse range of stunning capabilities. There are seven .25" caliber cartridges available, from the pink load designed for small animals to the red cartridge capable of stunning exceptionally heavy animals such as bison and buffalo. They are a versatile, low cost and reliable power source for our .25” stunning tools and Mini Cable Spiker.

The blank cartridges used in our stunning tools are available in six different strengths. They are distinguished by color for ease of recognition, and are suitable for animals ranging from chickens to very heavy bulls.
Color marked by grain load for easy identification:
- Pink - 1.25 grain cartridges suggested for small animals
- Yellow - 2 grain cartridges suggested for small and medium animals **Call to order**
- Blue - 3 grain cartridges suggested for average size animals
- Orange - 3.5 grain cartridges suggested for average size animals
- Black - 4 grain cartridges suggested for heavy animals **Call to order**
- Green - 4.5 grain cartridges suggested for extremely heavy animals **Call to order**
- Red - 6 grain cartridges suggested for concussion stunning very heavy animals **Call to order**

- Available in 50 Cartridge Tins or Boxes of 1000 loads
- High quality, consistent performance cartridges
- Call to order any item not appearing online

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- This item can only be shipped via Ground services. It can not be shipped via USPS or any Air service
- This item cannot ship internationally due to carrier restrictions
- This item cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Island Territories due to carrier restrictions

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