Automatic Sausage Peeler - ASP 200

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Product Details

Automatic Sausage Peeler - ASP 200

Improve your sausage and hot dog production efficiency with a high performance peeler / delinker from UltraSource. 

- Vacuum pump included
- Special blade for cutting without marking sausage
- Product entry equipped with anti-burn air curtain
- Product water bin easily removable for washing » Air switch and automatic steam system with presence sensor for product halting automatically (air and steam) and reducing energy consumption (both standard and cocktail configuration)
- Simple controls with flow rate display
- Easy height adjustment for different sausage formats (sausage diameter between 15 and 34mm)
- New anti-breakage support roller for casing peeled
- Supervising window on enclosure for peeled casing
- Automatic light for enclosure peeled casing
- Wheels with safety brake system for easy handling
- Full construction in stainless steel 304/316

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