Automatic Cut-Thru Switch

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Product Details

For use with 500-lb. single trolley. Our cut-thru switch with its entirely new design and construction provides complete freedom from manual switching at any point where tracks must cross at right angles. Completely eliminated is the turn-table construction of all previous cut-thru switches, which had to be lifted, rotated, and lowered into position, frequently with a pole--a slow and inconvenient operation. This automatic cut-thru switch has interconnected pivoted track sections which are automatically lined up by a trolley moving in either direction on either of two tracks. No operating handle is needed; the switch is completely automatic. In addition to the smooth, fast action of this switch, there are no open track ends. The switch is a compact, rigid unit including stub track ends for easy installation into the track system. All these switches are constructed of 1/2" x 2-1/2" steel for hangers of 10-1/2" or more drop, and provide 6" space above the track for trolley clearance. Switches ordered for use with 3/8" x 2 1/2" track will have ends beveled to 3/8" at track connecting points.