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Thank you for visiting the UltraSource Parts page. We have hundreds of parts available for purchase online including vacuum and rollstock packaging seal bar elements, gaskets, teflon tape, gas springs, lids, labeling sensors and more; smokehouse gaskets, heating elements, and wet sox; labeler sensors, rollers, and other parts; vacuum tumbler and stuffer gaskets and parts, and much more.  If you can't find something or wish to speak to someone about aftermarket vacuum packaging, processing, labeling, tray sealing or rollstock equipment parts, please call us at 800-777-5624.

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Ultravac Vacuum Packaging Machine Oil and Seal Bar Change Videos:

Ultravac 225/250                                    Ultravac 500                                           Ultravac Single Chamber Seal Bar Replacement


Ultravac Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine Frequently Requested Parts: 

The following table shows commonly requested parts for our most popular Ultravac vacuum chamber machines.

Popular Ultravac Chamber Vacuum Sealer Part Numbers Ultravac 225, 250, 400 Ultravac 500, 550, 600, 700 Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber
Seal Bar Elements Chamber Seal Bar Heating Element 8600346mm Vacuum Chamber Sealer Seal Bar Element Ultravac 250-500-550 86063920" Seal Bar Element for Ultravac 600 - 700 Vacuum Chamber Vacuum Sealers 90952524" Vacuum Chamber Sealer Seal Bar Element Ultravac 600-700 909526UltraSource 2100 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer Heat Seal Bar Element 88074610mm Seal Bar Element for Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Chamber Sealers 860512 860034 (UV225,250,400) Standard
860639 (UV250) 6MM
860034 (UV500, 550) Standard
860639 (UV500, 550) 6MM
909525 (UV600, 700) 20”
909526 (UV600, 700) 24”
880746 (Single Seam)
880746 (Double Seam - Two Used)
860512 (10mm wide)
LID Gasket Chamber Vacuum Sealer Lid Gasket Ultravac 225 840063 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Lid Gasket Ultravac 250-400-500-600-700 860220 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer Lid Gasket Ultravac 2100 880432 840063 (UV225) 
860220 (UV250, 400)
860220 (500, 550, 600, 700) 880432
Teflon Tape 2.25" Teflon Tape for Heat Seal Bars Ultravac 225, 250, 400, 500, 550, 600, 700 840170 1-5/8" Teflon Tape for Chamber Vacuum Heat Seal Bars Ultravac 2100 885507 840170  2.25" Teflon Tape 840170 2.25" Teflon Tape 885507 1 5/8" Teflon Tape
LID Springs Lid Spring for Ultravac 225 Chamber Vacuum Sealer 860945Lid Gas Spring for Ultravac 250 Chamber Vacuum Sealer 860027Lid Gas Spring for Ultravac 400 500 550 Chamber Vacuum Sealers 860038Lid Gas Spring for Ultravac 600-700 Chamber Vacuum Sealers 909537Lid Spring for the Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer 860244 860945 (UV225)
860027 (UV250)
860038 (UV400)
860038 (UV500, 550)
909537 (UV600, 700)
Oil 15W Non Detergent Busch Chamber Vacuum Sealer Pump Oil 88475030W Non Detergent Busch Chamber Vacuum Sealer Pump Oil 884755 30W Severe Duty Busch Chamber Vacuum Sealer Pump Oil 884756 884750 884755 884755 (Standard)
884750 (Low Temp)
884756 (Severe Duty)
Oil Filter Oil Filter for Ultravac 500-550-600-700 and 5hp 2100 Chamber Vacuum Sealers 885410 Oil Filter for Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer 7.5 10 or 12 hp Pump 840904 None  885410 885410 (5HP)
840904 (All Others)
Exhaust Filter Exhaust Filter for Ultravac 225-250-400 Chamber Vacuum Sealer 884361Exhaust Filter for Busch Chamber Vacuum Sealer Pumps 884576 Exhaust Filter for Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer 7.5hp and 10hp Busch Vacuum Pumps 883747
884361 884576 884576 (5HP) Busch Pump
883747 (7 1/2HP and 10HP) Busch Pump
840902 (7 1/2HP) Leybold Pump
840903 (10HP) Leybold Pump
Seal Bladder Seal Bladder Assembly for the Ultravac 225 Chamber Vacuum Sealer 861033Ultravac 250 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Complete Bladder 861022Seal-Bladder-Assembly-for-the-Ultravac-400-500-550-Chamber-Vacuum-Sealer-861234Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Replacement Sealing Bladder 861002 861033 (UV225)
861022 (UV250)
861234 (UV400)
861234 (UV500, 550) 861002

AfterMarket Parts Specialist - Jack Schmedding

Aftermarket rollstock machine parts: 
UltraSource provides rollstock machine aftermarket parts such as gaskets, calrod heaters, sealing bladders, blades, transfer chains, and seal bar repair and refinishing for virtually any  manufacturer. Please give us a call or email Cathy Stout ( ) if you are interested in parts for a rollstock /  form fill and seal / thermoform packaging machine.  

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