Ultimate Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Packaging Machine Bundle

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Item# Ultimate Ultravac 2100 Vacuum Packaging Promotion


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Ultimate Ultravac 2100 Vacuum Packaging Bundle - Get an Ultravac 2100 With Your Pick Of Any Two Options For Only $16,495!
- Upgrade from 8” to 12” Depth Lid
- 10mm Wide Band Seal
- Pre Cut Knife System
- GAS Flush
- Spare Parts Kit
- Vacuum Pump HP Upgrade
- Caster Wheels
- Electronic Label Dispenser
- $500 Voucher for UltraSource Operational Supplies

Hurry, this incredible offer ends August 31, 2018. Call 800-777-5624

The Ultravac 2100 is the #1 American Made Vacuum Packaging Machine and backed by a two-year warranty. 
Get a loaded machine at a great price. Consider these options:
- Upgrading to a 12” lid to handle a greater variety of products and bigger items such as large hams.
- The 10mm wide seal bar option provides an extra reliable closure for longer product integrity.
- Moving from a 7.5 to 10 hp or 10 to 12 hp pump can improve your packaging cycle times.
- Both the pre-cut knife system and electronic label dispenser can help you increase your output without increasing labor.
- Or choose caster wheels for convenient mobility, a spare parts kit to ensure optimal performance, GAS flush ready for greater shelf life packaging options, or a $500 voucher for any of our large catalog of operational supplies.
 Ultravac 2100 Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Don’t wait, it won’t get much better! Call 800-777-5624

*Terms and conditions: Customers that purchase a new Ultravac 2100 between June 15 and August 31,
2018 are eligible. Taxes and shipping not included in $16,495 bundle price. Cannot be combined with other
offers. Subject to change. Operational supplies vouchers must be used in one time single purchase
transaction by August 2019. Call for additional details.