Pearl Model L - Sous Vide Cooker

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Product Details

Designed for sous vide cooking, our Pearl model “L” thermal circulator is constructed of stainless steel with a holding capacity of 44 liters (11.6 gallons). Comes equipped with protective grid and stainless steel cover.

- Circulating pump
- High temperature cut off
- Early warning signal in case of low liquid levels or high/low temperature limits are exceeded
- Safety protection grid
- Intuitive automatic calibration
- Smudge proof stainless steel hood
- Double walled insulated bath reservoir
- Drain tap
- Convenient, easy operation
- Digital control features easy to read display and allows user to control various temperature values including setpoint, actual temperature, and core temperature
- Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
- Reservoir Capacity: 11.6 gallons
- Electrical: 115 Volt, 60Hz
- Dimensions: 27.4" L X 21.1" W X 14.7" D