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Vacuum Packaging Machines

UltraSource® Ultravac® Single and Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines

UltraSource is a leader in vacuum chamber packaging. UltraSource single chamber vacuum chamber packaging machines include tabletop and freestanding machines.  UltraSource single chamber tabletop vacuum packaging machines include the Ultravac 150, Ultravac 225, and Ultravac 250.  UltraSource single chamber freestanding vacuum packaging machines include the Ultravac 400, Ultravac 500, Ultravac 600, and Ultravac 700.  The Ultravac 600 and 700 come equipped with 3 seal bars offering excellent production capacity. UltraSource double chamber vacuum packaging machines include the Ultravac 800, Ultravac 880, Ultravac 1000, and Ultravac 2100.  The Ultravac 2100 is legendary for its durability and performance. The Ultravac 2100 chamber vacuum packaging machine is the number 1 American made model in the market.  

Most Ultravac chamber vacuum packaging machines are USA made, contain Busch® vacuum pumps and are backed by a 2-year warranty!  For high quality and reliable production, UltraSource Ultravac vacuum chamber packaging machines are a smart investment.   Speak with a chamber vacuum packaging specialist now at 800-777-5624!  Ask about financing for qualified buyers!