Fatosa KFM-220 Reverse Action Mixer

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KFM-220 Reverse Action Fatosa Mixer

Extremely versatile mixing machine that can be used for all kinds of food (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.). Provide optimum mixing in a short amount of time. The stainless steel lid has viewing slots so spices or other ingredients can be easily added during the mixing process. When a batch is complete, the hopper tilts at 95° for easy unloading and cleaning. Great kneading machines for small volume productions in which good blending and good kneading are essential to obtain a high quality end product.

- High quality fabrication totally made in stainless steel.
- Machine adapted to international safety and hygienic rules.
- Practically maintenance free.
- Operatese with a central arm fitted with two T-blades that rotates in both directions, enabling them to knead and mix any type of product.
- The whole arm can be easily dismounted, ensuring convenient and perfect cleaning.
- The bowl can be tipped to unload the product neatly and cleanly.
- 220-lb. capacity
- Reverse action for optimizing mix
- Excellent, consistent performance and value